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Sep 30, 2008

Broadway dress code

by InFlames20

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Broadway shows are very popular in New York City, which made them also very well known in the rest of the world too. There are many amazing actors there and some of the shows like Chicago, The Phantom of the Opera, The Fiddler on the Roof and Oliver Twist are a “must see” for every person that comes in NYC.


Broadway is a place that attracts many different people, like every other public event. If you look closely you will find people from different societies and many of them dress differently. But is there a dress code in Broadway? Is there a certain type of clothes that you should (must) wear at evening performance and some other during the day? People’s opinions are very separated on this question.


Let’s remember the old days. A long time ago, some grandparents (grandmothers?) would tell you that you must cover 90% of skin if you are a man and around 60% if you are a woman. That sounds very interesting but for our present is maybe too specific, and we all like to have our freedom, especially when it comes what to wear. Some might say it’s always better to be overdressed and look better than everyone, than to be underdressed and look like a fool. Well, that’s a smart thought, and can be used always.


If we come back to the future, we’ll find someone saying that attending a Broadway play is similar to flying on a plane. Years ago everyone got dressed up for the occasion and now practically anything goes. In other words, you can dress anyway you want. The days of dressing up to go to a show are gone. Although, when you say that you can dress anything, that doesn’t necessary means that you can come in your pajamas.


For Broadway you can really dress many things. Some people might say that half of the experience of going to a show is getting dressed up for it. You can try to dress up 'smart casual'; for the man, slacks and sweater, for the woman, skirt/trousers fancy tops. You can also come in business dress code where men wear ties and women are in dress slacks or skirts. If you are planning to attend an evening performance then you should try to dress up a bit.


Most Broadway theaters do not have official dress codes, and you can dress as comfortably and casually as you wish—within reason. Many theater goers, however, consider it part of the experience to put on a nice suit or dress. You don't have to dress like you're in a wedding party, but making a special effort to look nice can be part of the fun. If that's not your style, then wear your jeans; there will be others in the audience who've done the same.


Whatever you decide to wear you’ll probably not be unique in your outfit. One thing you will find in NYC and in the theater is that where ever you go there will be people who are over dressed and people who are underdressed. Some people get very dressed up, some people show up in jeans. In the end it doesn’t really matter. Just be yourself and be comfortable.



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