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British Airways Executive Club

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Posted: 06/07/08 - 04:05    Post subject:

What is exactly the British Airways Executive Club? I don’t fly frequently with The British Airways but I think that maybe it is not bad to know something more about it, especially if there are some advantages with it. Is it free? Is it only for those who travel with the first class?

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Posted: 06/12/08 - 22:36    Post subject:

It is about collecting BA miles which you can use for a free reward flights. You can collect miles either by flying with British Airway or with their partner airlines or even when you don’t fly by staying in some of BA’s worldwide network hotel, or rent-a-car, etc…There are a lot of other benefits such as a priority on reservation waitlists and standby lists, or choosing a preferred seat to… There are three levels - The blue, silver and gold membership and you use the tier points to move from blue to silver or gold membership. It is for everyone that flies frequently, you should simply fill the registration on the BA web site.
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