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Bringing a child on a cruise!

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Joined: 15 Mar 2008
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Posted: 08/01/08 - 05:11    Post subject:

What do you think about bringing a child on a cruise?! I planned on having a cruising trip only with my husband and I was supposed to leave my 3 y/o kid back there at grandmas but it is just that I am having a hard time even on thinking of leaving him alone for 10 days. Anyway I decided on bringing a child on cruise! Do you think this could be a problem? Thanks!
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Joined: 17 May 2005
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Posted: 08/25/08 - 21:07    Post subject:

Well this might turn into a great problem there on board for you know how kids are they are usually having fun first or second day and afterwards they got bored. I am judging form my personal experience- I also brought my child on my first cruise and I regret it the second day already. My son was hungry and despite this he was so uncontrollable, screaming and yelling and running all the time and he was also afraid of all teat sea all around-I mean I had such bad time and the first next time when I decide to bring my child in board would be when he grows up.
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