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Botswana pictures

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Posted: 05/12/08 - 10:36    Post subject:

Hello, I am an amateur photographer. My dream is to travel across Africa and especially Madagascar witch has some of the most beautiful and amazing sites to see and photograph as you travel. My girlfriend will be escorting me throughout my journey, however she happens to be a professional photographer. We are also very interested in Botswana as a place we could visit during our tour.
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Posted: 05/23/08 - 03:45    Post subject:

Hello, indeed Botswana can offer you some of the most beautiful landscapes you will ever get to see during your tour across Africa. You will also be able to watch from a fare distance some of the many different wildlife species Botswana has. Exactly for that reason be sure to bring a wide range of lenses so you can shoot fascinating pictures, especially close up images of your favorite wild animals that you couldn't normally photograph from a close range. Above all there are many savannas stretching all across Botswana covered in green, yellow, and red grass. There are many lakes and small rivers that you shouldnt miss seeing. The locals are really friendly so it certainly will be a pleasure to photograph them with their interesting culture and customs. Just approach them in a friendly manner, dont sneak up and take pictures because that way they might consider you as a threat.
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