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Bordeaux airport

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Posted: 08/05/08 - 07:16    Post subject:

Hello, guys. I am planning a little trip to France. I have some business to finish there, but I have never been there. I will arrive at Bordeaux airport. I would like to hear some impressions about the airport, since I will have to spend some time there waiting for my colleague that is coming from Spain. Thanks for your future responses.
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Posted: 09/04/08 - 03:55    Post subject:

Hi, there. I have been several times at Bordeaux Merignac Airport. The airport has two terminals terminal A and B. The airport is located 12 kilometers from Bordeaux. You can catch taxis at both terminals. You can also take buses or shuttles. The Lost Property Service is near Terminal B. On that terminal there are also ATMs and exchange offices. The Duty Free Shop is near Terminal A. Also at the airport, you can find a gift shop, perfumery and a newsagent. All in all, it is a nice airport. Safe trip!
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