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Bonito in South Brazil

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Posted: 9/15/07 6:35 AM
Joined: May 8, 2004

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I am a passionate eco tourist and I know that Bonito in South Brazil is well known for its eco tourism so I was planning on going there but would like first to hear is it worth of going that far, my depart station is London. I would also like to hear what is the best way reaching Bonito in South Brazil and is there any airport. Do you think it is good visiting bonito at august. Thanks!
Posted: 9/18/07 11:45 PM
Joined: Mar 6, 2004

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Bonito is always good visiting but in my opinion the period between October and March would be the best opt going to Bonito for it is hot than while in august temperatures may fall under 10 degrees. I just got back from Bonito – I spent there 10 beautiful days and I could bet now it is worth visiting no matter where you come from and how long it takes and you know the attraction is not about town of Bonito it is more about the nature and vegetation around-I even saw anaconda and it is actually about beautiful waterfalls, rivers and lakes that are so crystal clear and are the most beautiful example of eco tourism I ever saw. And those colorful fishes and underwater vegetation –it is not something I could describe you need to see it by yourself. I went there over Packtours operator and they have organized all including a guider. Anyway I was first reaching Rio by the air and than I flied to Campo Grande and that is where you can get into a little plan flying to Bonito little airport but in that case your stay is limited for 7 days and that is why I had a land transport which is the best opt for me for that way you need 3 hours for reaching Bonito in which manner you my enjoy the land trip also.

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