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Bologna as a base for day trips or Florence?

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Posted: 04/03/08 - 09:08    Post subject:

I will be going to North Italy, mostly Tuscany this fall, and I will be staying there for several weeks. It seems to me that Bologna could be a very good base for my trips. However, I am not sure about that, so if anyone could give me any suggestions, that would be great.
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Joined: 17 Oct 2007
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Posted: 04/08/08 - 21:56    Post subject:

I think that Bologna is actually a very good base if you plan to take day trips to surrounding places. First of all, it is very near to everything you could find interesting in Tuscany. It has excellent rail links, so you will not lose too much time traveling. It is also a great city on its own. There are fantastic places to visit and it is known throughout the world for its food. It is probably much better option then Florence because of these reasons, although I would advise you to make trips there as often as possible as Florence is probably the most amazing place in all of Tuscany.
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Posted: 05/12/08 - 17:13    Post subject:

I have used for a number of hotel bookings. Their services are excellent
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