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Biking from Thailand to Cambodia

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Joined: 24 Jan 2004
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Posted: 06/11/07 - 10:18    Post subject:

Hey! Ive been planning for a while to take a biking trip from Thailand to Cambodia and Im wondering which part of the year is best for such an adventure, since the climate is a bit peculiar there? How about summer? If someone has experience or tried that, please help. Any help is welcomed. I am looking forward to that trip, so you can also give me details that will help me to plan my trip better.
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Joined: 12 Dec 2006
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Posted: 06/16/07 - 22:39    Post subject:

Hi! I wouldnt recommend summer, except if you want to experience extreme sports, because its a rainy season and youll probably end up either sitting in a shelter or in a pile of mud. Monsoonal showers are pretty heavy and its almost impossible to bike while they last, not to mention that high humidity combined with high temperatures are not exactly anyones idea of pleasant weather for a brisk
biking tour. In my opinion, you should go there during autumn, and enjoy mild and cool temperatures and dry weather.
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