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Posted: 03/20/08 - 04:04    Post subject:

My greatest love is bicycling. I spent most of my live cycling trough east, west and south Europe. If you ask me, that is the best way to learn something about new countries and to get to know them. But now I want to get to know North Europe. I am thinking about Denmark. It is north, but not very north. It is north enough. Any advice will be very useful. I must know every little thing that can be important for my trip. I have to plan everything.
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Posted: 03/23/08 - 02:45    Post subject:

Yes, that is very serious thing that you want to do. It is not just a few miles. But you didnt say where are you from. Ok, you said that it isnt the country where you live. Good joke that Denmark is south enough. I lived there for a couple of years. But I didnt find my self there I like is bicycling also, but maybe not like you. I lived in Copenhagen, and I know that town very well. You must plan your trip very well and very detail. Chose shortest routes, and be prepare for all kind of weather. I know that weather is very important for this sport, and you cant be disinterested about it. My only advice is to pay most attention on the weather. And for the route, well I can only say: dont use ferries if you dont have to.
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