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Best way to get from Sydney to Perth?

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Posted: 01/21/08 - 07:47    Post subject:

What is the best way from Sydney to Perth? Next month I’m going on a business trip to Australia, and when I’m already there, it would be a shame not to enjoy in Australia a bit. I have business obligations in Perth, but I’d, naturally like to go to Sydney. Now, can you tell me how to cover the distance between those tow cities?
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Posted: 02/18/08 - 03:31    Post subject:

You have a several options. It all depends on whether you’d like to reach Perth fast or you’d like to have a relaxing, extended journey. Since you’re on a business trip I suppose that you don’t have enough time to travel by train or by ship, but that way you can treat yourself with a luxurious, old-fashioned kind of journey either in a luxurious train or ship. I can’t tell you how long those journeys would last, but I can assure you that they’re the more interesting than traveling by plane. Anyway, if you don’t have that much time, that option is the only one since Perth and Sydney are far from each other. They’re on the completely different sides of the continent.
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Born To Die

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Posted: 12/07/09 - 07:56    Post subject:

The weekday flights are definately the cheepest. Check out or virgin blue's website or Qantas or JetStar. The Indian Pacific is an amazing journey but is relatively expensive unless you can stand just sitting for the 3 day journey and you have to pay extra for food. I wouldn't go for bus because it's rather expensive. The journey is quite long by bus and it chews up petrol so prices r just going up and up.
So yeah,l best option is a weekday flight at around $200 - $400 depending on the time of year

Source(s): (you don't have to be a student to get these deals)
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