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Best transportation method from Astrakhan to Shymkent

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Posted: 03/11/08 - 05:10    Post subject:

Hi. I like spending summer traveling. This year I would like to learn something about Russia and Kazakhstan. You will ask why those two places. My boyfriend asked me the same question. Well I have map of the world in my room. I shoot darts at it and I hit this two places. That is how I make my decisions. But now I have problem deciding which way to travel. Any advice is helpful. Thanks.
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Posted: 03/20/08 - 22:04    Post subject:

Wow girl, you sure know how to live and enjoy your life. Well.hmin short, you would like to know which way is best to travel between that two countries. I had several business trips between Astrakhan to Shymkent. Best way of transport between this two places, well it depends. What would you like? You can also decide that with darts or head and tales, Im kidding. You must decide what do you want. If you want to learn about countries you are visiting I prefer train. It is nice, slow, and you will enjoy traveling. I like trains more than buses. But if you want to get know, for example, this two big cities (like boutiques, restaurants, cafes, or night life) it is better to use airplane because you will have more time to learn and fill this cities, culture and people that live there.
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HugeAirlines Forum Index -> Travel to Asia -> Transportation to/from Asia

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