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Best time at the French Riviera

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Posted: 08/04/08 - 09:41    Post subject:

Hi, since Ill be going to visit the famous French Riviera this summer I would like to hear some stories about your best time there. I know that you almost cant have a bad time there but still there must be a place or an occasion which made you feel like youre having the time of your life. I personally cant wait to experience it myself.
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Posted: 08/14/08 - 01:50    Post subject:

Hello, you are certainly right when you say that at the French Riviera there cant be a bad moment spent. I was visiting the French Riviera with my husband two years ago and I can fairly say that it was our best summer vacation ever. The only bad thing about it is the fact that, whatever you do there and wherever you spend your nights it will significantly affect your budget. But if youre going there it would only be fair that you let it all go and forget about the money for once. The best time I had at the French Riviera was certainly the day we went to visit Cannes. I know that there is an ongoing hype about this city for quite some time now but I believe that everybody should have their chance to experience it on their own terms. We were in town for the Cannes Film Festival and spent are whole day watching celebrities pass by. It was always my dream to do that. We were sitting in a caf nearby and had a spectacular view of everything that was going on and of the Mediterranean Sea as well. That whole day really stuck with me and that was probably my best time there.
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