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Best things you ever did in Amsterdam?

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Posted: 08/30/08 - 08:58    Post subject:

Hi, I'm planning on traveling to Amsterdam soon with my girlfriend and as we talked about the trip we came to a conclusion that what we want to experience this time is somehow different from the rest of the journeys we made together. We want to see and feel the local atmosphere but also get to do things that are interesting and unique for this part of the region.
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Posted: 09/19/08 - 02:47    Post subject:

Hi, first of all, I would strongly recommend for the two of you to experience a romantic and adventures boat ride. It gave me a really deep sense of the city's atmosphere. I was able to enjoy the beautiful surrounding of the river along with my friends who were also taking the ride for the first time and had a blast. I suggest that you take the ride at least a couple of times a week because that way you will most definitely feel what it is like living in Amsterdam. The boat ride itself is a bit expensive so if you two are students, as I was at the time, it will be difficult to take the ride more than once. The nightlife isnt that lively and interesting. Most of the shops in Amsterdam have short working hours so you better get used to buying what you need in the first half of the day. You will see that there are almost no cars on the streets of Amsterdam which is a good thing. Everybody drives around on a bike so you should try riding bikes throughout the city and enjoying Amsterdam on two wheels.
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