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Best site to book hotels in Beijing and Shanghai

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Joined: 13 Dec 2006
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Posted: 07/26/08 - 05:53    Post subject:

I've used a website a couple of times for booking hotels where you name the price you want to pay and they then try to find you a room for that price. I can't remember what the site is called, any ideas? Actually, I think there are two sites that do that job. What is the cheapest site to book hotels online, or are they all relatively the same?
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Joined: 24 Apr 2005
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Posted: 08/11/08 - 21:33    Post subject:

I've done a lot of online booking, and I find the cheapest prices are to be had directly on the hotel's website. There is almost always an "Internet User's Rate" that you can quote even if you call to make special arrangements when you book. Places like Expedia always want you to pay in advance to get a cheap rate, and it's non-refundable if you cancel. But life isn't that predictable.
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