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Best scenery from an airplane?

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Joined: 16 Jan 2004
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Posted: 03/25/08 - 07:40    Post subject:

I know that most of us did not have a flight that went without problems, but then again I guess life without them would be quite boring, right? Anyway, what is the best scenery you have seen from an airplane? People always forget that they are so high above the ground and act as if they are traveling by bus. I always like to sit next to window and stare outside all the time. Sky is simple amazing!
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Joined: 09 Apr 2004
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Posted: 03/27/08 - 22:20    Post subject:

For me, stormy nights are the best, even though turbulence might occur, watching lightings is always an interesting pass time. Once I watched a sun setting down behind the clouds, colors were simply unbelievable. But you are right, no one actually cares about the scenery anymore. They just want to get to their destination fast and safe. Well, I guess that is the whole point of traveling by plane.
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