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Best restaurant on Granville Island in Vancouver?

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Posted: 03/21/09 - 10:00    Post subject:

Hi! I'm going to Vancouver and I am staying at one of the best hotels there. However, I plan to make a short visit to Granville Island. I know the island is very attractive and I tried to get informed on the attractions I should see there. However, I didn't inquire about the restaurants. What is the best restaurant on Granville Island?
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Posted: 04/01/09 - 01:01    Post subject:

Hi! There are a lot of nice restaurants on Granville Island and I can't tell you which one is the best. There are a few restaurants I consider very good. First of them is Art & Gastronomy. I ate some pasta and some beef and it tasted really good. My wife took a dessert and she said it was creamy and tasty. The good thing is that we ate at very low price. You see, a good restaurant does not always have to be expensive. Another restaurant I liked was Chop&Wok. You guess it is a Chinese restaurant and if you like wok food, there we are! If you like donuts, try Lee's donuts.
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Born To Die

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Posted: 08/06/09 - 10:09    Post subject:

Granville Island Hotel is the best hotel on Granville Island in Vancouver. I have been there few months later.

This is a very nice hotel in a wonderful central location in Vancouver. They are pet-friendly and welcomed our rather large dog (for a fee of $25 per night), even though it seemed that the other dogs that were staying there were small. The restaurant on the ground floor has good food and a great view, but is pricey. We liked the modern rooms with the tile floor, which was nice because the weather was hot the weekend we came. Our room even had a large balcony. One problem we had is our room heated up terribly, and the window air conditioner didn't make much of a dent in cooling it. The personnel provided a fan to supplement the air conditioner, which helped. We would likely come back to this place, but next time we would make sure to get a room on the side that doesn't get the afternoon sun.

You could also try this hotel on Granville Island.

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