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Best areas in Norway for mountain hiking

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Posted: 04/13/08 - 07:29    Post subject:

What are the best areas for mountain hiking in Norway? I’m going to this beautiful country as part of exchange student program and I’m going to be there for a month. Since I’m an avid hiker I’d like to practice my favorite activity while I’m there and I suppose that scenic beauty of the country will make my favorite hobby even more fun.
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Posted: 04/19/08 - 02:29    Post subject:

As you have said, Norway is a very beautiful country. I have heard that region near the city of Bergen is considered to be hiking paradise. The whole area is scenic and you can see wonderful nature and fjords. There are numerous treks and routes and there are numerous cottages along the way where you can grab a snack and take a break during the hiking. I don’t know in which city you will be but if you are somewhere near Bergen make sure that you go on a hiking tour there. But generally speaking, the whole of Norway is full of great hiking trails and I’m sure that you won’t have a problem to find it.
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