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Best accommodation in northern Rwanda

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Posted: 08/29/07 - 09:22    Post subject:

I just need some info on the best accommodation in northern Rwanda. I am about to spent almost a year in Rwanda working in the hospital at Kigali so I actually need some info on the best accommodation in Kigali but it needs to be near the airport if it is possible for I will be flying pretty often and would be busy by visiting northern Rwanda areas. Anyway though I would be concentrated working in northern Rwanda I am planning on spending most of the time in Kigali so I need to hear what is the best accommodation there for I would like feeling like home and it is not like I need some Hayat accommodation or something like that but still would like it to be about the best accommodation.
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Posted: 09/24/07 - 23:36    Post subject:

You may refer to Rainbow tours operator for they have organized my stay at Kigali choosing for me the best accommodation in northern Rwanda I would say. Anyway I was also staying at Kigali and though I spent just a month there this hotel is also perfect for much longer stays and it even looks like a house. Anyway it is called Chez Lando and though it is not situated in the Kigali center –it is actually located in the Kigali suburb Remera and is between airport and Kigali downtown –just about 5 up to 10 minutes away
Anyway you may choose between the main building consisted of about 20 rooms I think and bungalows I sincerely recommend for that is where you will be feeling more home alike and the cuisine is French or African-French. And still there are also a lot of luxurious hotels such as Intercontinental or Mille Collines Hotel but if you asked me Chez Lando is much better for it is small, clean and has beautiful surroundings and you won’t lack with anything there and still be feeling like home and what is the most important the Kigali center is just 5 minutes away.
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