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Best Way to get to Lisbon

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Posted: 02/05/08 - 10:18    Post subject:

I plan on visiting Spain and Portugal this summer and I was thinking to have a cruise up to the Lisbon I was cruising couple of times so far but those were only Caribbean cruising and now I would like to experience some Mediterranean a cruise with disembark in Lisbon if it is possible. Anyway I am ready to pay lot for this trip and am curios to hear what would be the best cruise way to get to Lisbon from Spain.
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Posted: 02/24/08 - 01:14    Post subject:

Last summer I had 11 days cruising that starts from the port of Barcelona you may have a flight up to this point of course. Anyway the ship is called Silver Whisper and is quite ok though it is not that much expansive like some other Mediterranean cruising such as ones with Costa cruise ships. Anyway I enjoyed my cruise and the main thing is that you will disembark in Lisbon where I had a flight back for US. Anyway you will visit many other sites on this cruise such as Balearic Islands and after you have passed through the Gibraltar Starits you first head toward Casablanco and than Safi in Morocco and afterwards you head toward Portugal visiting first Madeira Islands belonging to Portugal and after you visit beautiful Canary Islands and the last spot is Lisboa. There are some shore excursions there very professionally organized but the cruise ships doesnt involve the price of these excursions.
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