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Best Thing about cruises?

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Joined: 27 Jun 2005
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Posted: 10/07/07 - 08:56    Post subject:

I am curious to hear if those cruising trip are so interesting I mean how it could be for I don't see anything so excitement to it. I would never go there and spending few days at sea on board without doing anything special but my wife insists on having some cruising trip this year. So please tell me what is the best thing about cruises and would also appreciate if you could suggest me some good cruising trip departing from Los Angeles-I live there in Santa Monica, and I would like it to be some interesting cruise of 2 weeks for my wife planned to spent whole her vacation out there on the sea.
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Joined: 13 Apr 2004
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Posted: 11/25/07 - 01:31    Post subject:

I have the perfect choice for you and that is Celebrity cruise line with its Summit Los Angeles round trip cruising that would take you 15 days all the way to Hawwai. And the thing is that you wont spend whole 2 weeks on the sea-maybe just about 7 or 8 days and the rest you will be having an organized Hawaii land tour. And this is not the only best thing about this specific cruise. Summit is just the perfect ship and I am not sure to tell you what is the best about this cruise for there you have everything is perfect -cabin with balcony, kind stuff and crew and the food is perfect as well as table service and not to mention all other facilities provided there involving card room, well equipped casino, out door pools and organized dinner parties. I doubt you will get bored in fact this could turn into the most beautiful experience of your life and basically that is what the best about cruises is.
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