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Best Night Clubs in Miami ?

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Posted: 1/19/09 12:39 AM
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Where are the locations for best night clubs in Miami? How can I get in, and what not to do to get kicked out. Is there a place that only locals can go to, or is it all the same as long as you are a paying guest? Where would you recommend me to go and where I shouldnt? Thanks a lot for the answers.
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Posted: 2/17/09 5:58 PM
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There are no clubs just for locals. Of course there are clubs where locals prefer to go, but those clubs are not that much more interesting then local clubs in other cities. The only thing you are not advised to do is to start fight and other not appropriate behavior in the club. If you do this you will be through out for sure. You have a lot of popular downtown clubs and if you go into any one of them you will not make a mistake. Make sure you find out when are happy hours in each of those clubs and you will end up paying a lot less then you are suppose to.
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Posted: 7/27/09 4:02 AM
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Miami bass is one of the local club in Miami. It is a type of hip hop music that became popular in the 1980s and 1990s. The use of the Roland TR-808 sustained kick drum, raised dance and tempos content differentiate it from other hip hop subgenres.If you will start fight there with anyone you will be kick out from there.

Miami bass is closely related to the electronic dance music genres of Ghettotech and Booty House, genres which combine Detroit techno and Chicago house with the Miami bass sound.
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