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Best Centres for Skiing in Switzerland?

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Posted: 02/05/08 - 09:39    Post subject:

I'd like to go skiing with my husband next month. We decided we are going to Switzerland but we can’t choose the best skiing center. We are good skiers we can ski on various tracks. Some nice hotel, comfortable and cosy in a lovely mountain town would be dreamy. Give us some tips, share with us some of your skiing vacation experience.

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Joined: 01 Apr 2007
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Posted: 02/12/08 - 04:20    Post subject:

Choseing the Swiss ski centres is like choseing the Swiss chocolates. Its just great, you can not be wrong. Anyway, I understand your problem, you explained what you want. Grindelwald is a nice old center, great number of different tracks, you can ski on the hotel tracks or not, in the evening there are lots of clubs, shops. Everyone can find something he likes. Zermatt is wonderfull.Consists of three mountains 3100 high, with snow all year long. Numerios tracks that you can reach not just by ski lifts but with trams and gondolas. There’s a nice litlle village and comfortable four star hotel. I believe that’s the best for you.
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