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Berlin layover-one night on the town?

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Posted: 08/20/08 - 04:12    Post subject:

Initially, I was supposed to have only four hours between flights, but then I decided to extend that to 24 hours, because I really do not have any need to hurry. So, what to do with Berlin layover one night on the town? I am not interested in some wildlife, but I would just like to experience something a bit different, that is all. Can you help me?
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Posted: 09/18/08 - 21:15    Post subject:

The thing that is actually different are people, but I guess you wont be able to get to know them in only one night, so I would suggest you some good restaurant with a nice atmosphere. For example, Kolja Kleeberg's Restaurant Vau. You should order pigeon breast with celeriac julienne. Of course, if you want really expensive place, you could try Adlon in Hotel Adlon.
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