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Berlin - Train, hotel and airport connection

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Posted: 04/30/08 - 10:45    Post subject:

Hi, Im hoping for some general info on Berlin, as I want to visit this city soon. Most importantly, how is the transport there, is it quite possible to get around by train, and what are the other options? Also what are the hotels like? I would like to stay some place decent but not too expensive. Oh yes, Id also appreciate if you could say, is the airport far away from the city centre, and what is the transport like?
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Posted: 05/04/08 - 23:02    Post subject:

Berlin is a huge city, youll have lots to do and see! You havent said which airport you will be arriving at? The city has three international airports. The trickiest is Tegel, which is in the middle of nowhere and has bad transport connections there isnt a train station. Train connections are generally widely available, domestic as well as international. The U-Bahn (metro) and the tram are the quickest ways to get around conveniently and relatively cheaply. I stayed in the Hotel Adlon Kempinski. This is a decent hotel with decent prices. Their website is
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