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Belem to Manaus

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Posted: 08/20/07 - 05:44    Post subject:

Hello! I would be flying to Brazil for I am supposed to visit Fortaleza for business and between two appointments I will have a whole week free and I though I could do some Amazon adventure and I have heard that those excursions usually departs from Belem ending in Manaus. So that is why I need to know some info regarding Belem to Manaus trip I mean is it boring and is it worth of trying and how am I suppose to organize an Belem to Manaus tour anyway.
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Posted: 09/19/07 - 01:04    Post subject:

You won’t regret it for experiencing Belem to Manaus tour is unforgettable event at least that is how I have experienced it. Fortaleza is not that far from Belem and yet Belem is the main Amazon port where all starts from involving Amazon tours and it takes just about 6 days to reach the jungle capital –Manaus by flowing through the Amazon. Anyway I was using Brasil Travel tour operator service and it takes 6 days to get to Manaus and if you are in hurry you may get back to Belem by the plane-that is what I did. Anyway Belem to Manaus tour includes all main meals and I had the great time on the 4th day for we reached Santerem at early morning and after having breakfast we went toward Vila do Chao where you can even swim if you want and you may lunch in the local restaurant. This is the only day of the tour where you can get off the boat and the rest of the days you are just about flowing on the Amazon watching around until the 6th day you reach Manaus that just shows up all of the sudden rising alike from the Amazon forest. And don’t be surprised when local people with canoes come up from nowhere asking you to buy its handcrafts.
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