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Being nude on the ship

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Joined: 21 Aug 2005
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Posted: 03/09/08 - 06:11    Post subject:

My husband and I have booked 7 day Southern Caribbean cruising trip with Carnival Destiny ship. And anyway I planned sunbathing there on board all the time and I prefer doing it nude so please someone tell me if being nude on the ship is allowed and though I plan on bringing those cosmetic creams are there shops on board I could purchase some of these if I missed them.
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Joined: 30 May 2005
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Posted: 03/13/08 - 23:21    Post subject:

You can shop almost everything on board involving towels, swimsuits and sun creams and much more. And as for being nude on the ship I dont think it is allowed on Carnival though you mat sunbathing topless but even being topless there on the ship is related to some restrictions meaning those topless are usually separated from the normal ones. Anyway I was cruising with Carnival last summer and I had a midship cabin and for I was sunbathing topless I had to go onto the higher deck on the very right corner of the boat reserved for those topless ones and dont expect no one brings a drink to you-you should get up put a top part on let yourself down and get that drink, all in all I felt like being a second class citizen for this.
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Posted: 03/18/08 - 16:48    Post subject:

I'm not so sure about this
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