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Beijing Apartment - Dong Cheng or Chao Yang

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Posted: 05/12/08 - 04:10    Post subject:

I suppose to go to China to be specific going to Beijing. I think I dont have words to describe to you how exciting I am cause of this journey, honestly. I will finally see Tiananmen, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace and all the attractions of this mystic city that are main spots which symbolize China in a way. I know I sound so poetic and pathetic right now, what can I say I just love this country. I still havent decided where should I book my apartment but I managed to narrow my choice on two districts where I would like to be settled Dong Cheng and Chao Yang. Which part would you chose and any hotel suggestions in this Beijing area that you could recommend to me?
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Posted: 05/28/08 - 23:23    Post subject:

Heh depends what you want. If you wish to be close to all the main attractions like Forbidden City and Tiananmen then if I were you will go look for the apartment in the Dong Cheng district. On the other hand, main spot where you can get the best look how night life in Beijing looks like is street called Sunlitun in Chao Yang district. I think if I was you I will chose the first one, it was already my choice when I was there. I stayed in the Capitol Hotel which was just a ten minutes walk from Tiananmen. Hotel had a great service and nice apartments, with possibility to use swimming pool and sauna. I confess I skipped visiting its disco club, why - I think you already guessed. Some of my friends were in Grand Hotel Beijing which is also not far from Tiananmen Square with rooms designed in a modern Chinese way. I can only say that they have never complained about their hotel choice.
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