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Beautiful underwater world of the Indian Ocean

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Posted: 06/27/08 - 07:41    Post subject:

As a little girl my favorite TV shows where Survival and those hosted by Jacques Cousteau. It is still my unfulfilled dream to learn how to dive in order to be able to see the fantastic underwater world of your beautiful planet. Now I will have the opportunity to spend my vacation on the Maldives and I hope that marine life of the Indian Ocean is just as interesting as near the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.
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Posted: 07/01/08 - 21:38    Post subject:

The Maldives are excellent choice when it comes to both scenic beauties and the underwater world. The Indian Ocean is simply brimming with various species waiting to be spotted. As far as I know the Maldives are famous for their immaculately clean waters and that makes sure diving and snorkeling are just amazing there. You will be happy to hear that there is a formation called the Maldive reefs and it is full of various flora and fauna species. I bet that some of them are endemic. I would just like to warn you to take a course of diving because this activity can be dangerous if you are not experienced enough.
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