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Beautiful sites to see in Alaska?

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Posted: 4/28/09 4:55 AM
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Hi! Im going to Alaska soon with my boyfriend and frankly wed like to see everything we can. But, can someone recommend us the best sites? We wouldnt like to miss Alaskan important points, especially in spring season. Well value every information we can get. Thanks a lot for your help.
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Posted: 5/27/09 11:58 PM
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Hello! Well First there is Anchorage, great and beautiful city, harbor, streets, architecture Than, there are some smaller towns with good train transportation. Try the cruises trough the fiords, and dont forget to look for the whales. National park Denali is something you dont want to miss. And if you can, go north, polar lights are magnificent phenomenon
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Posted: 8/6/09 6:03 AM
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There are many towns and places of Alaska offer the same diversity as the people that call the State of Alaska home. Some towns are small fishing villages catering to tourism; others are native villages rarely seeing a strange face; a few exist only to serve visitors and literally close at the end of the tourist season; and many are the small rugged frontier towns they have always existed in Alaska and are truly a joy to visit.

This is not a complete list of towns and places in Alaska, but it is a growing one, as we continue to travel and explore the last frontier.

Anchorage, Alaska - The largest town in Alaska is often the first and in some cases, only Alaska town visitors experience.

Boundary, Alaska - The first US town you encounter when traveling into the USA on the "Top of the World Highway" when traveling from Dawson City, Yukon.

Cantwell, Alaska - Located about 30 minutes south of Denali Park Headquarters, on the intersection of the Parks and Denali Highways.

Chicken, Alaska - In the heart of the gold country, Chicken offers visitors a unique perspective on Alaska life in the bush.

Chitna, Alaska - At the end of the pavement and the beginning of the McCarthy Road on the Copper River.

Copper River, Alaska - Just a few moments off of the Richardson Highway, Copper Center offers a glimpse into rural Alaska

Dawson City, Yukon - In the heart of "Gold Country." Dawson City is located on the banks of the Yukon River, about a days drive from White Horse.

Juneau, Alaska - The state capitol and the largest city in Southeast Alaska, Juneau is a favorite stop for cruise visitors.

Talkeetna, Alaska - A favorite among locals and visitors alike.
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