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Bangladesh Photos

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Joined: 07 Aug 2007
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Posted: 09/07/07 - 09:15    Post subject:

Camera is my best friend. And with my human best friend I travel to Bangladesh next week. I saw some pictures of Bangladesh on the Internet, and I like them. Mine photos will be better!!!! Can you make a good photos in Bangladesh? Are there any interesting sites? How does nature look like?
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Joined: 10 Aug 2005
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Posted: 10/07/07 - 03:13    Post subject:

For the photographs lovers Bangladesh is a paradise, for professionals, but also for amateurs. You can take photos of nature, religious monuments, people. You should visit Bangladesh's Mainimati Ruins, center of Buddhist culture to the 12th century. There are 8 National Parks in Bangladesh full with rare species of birds, animals and plants which are made to be on a photo. Visitors can only take a photos because government protected wildlife in order to preserve and increase the numbers of various species. You can choose to learn more about Bangladesh rural people and rural lifestyle. You can make some friend, but also great photos with your new friends. If you go on a river tour, you can take pictures of small villages near river. Smile!!!!!!
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