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Bangalore acommodation

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Posted: 07/27/08 - 06:55    Post subject:

I'm planning a Bangalore trip in May of this year with my wife. I like hotels but if they are too expensive, I can stay in some motel, hostel or something chipper but still good enough. How are serviced Apartments in Bangalore? Anyone tried this? Can anyone suggest service apartment on MG Road Bangalore? How expensive is Bangalore Hotels?
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Joined: 06 Jan 2007
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Posted: 07/30/08 - 23:11    Post subject:

Bangalore Hotels are expensive. In Feb 7 star hotel in Bangalore charge Rs. 19,000/- or more per day. These are booked mostly by corporate customers, where individuals do not pay from pocket. Typical serviced apartments charges Rs. 3500/- for 2 bedroom flat approx. 1500/- for a/c room. In Bangalore no need for a/c hence, save that money.
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