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Bamberg dining and accommodations?

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Posted: 06/22/08 - 04:29    Post subject:

I love Germany and Germans. My grandmother was a German and whenever I visit Germany it reminds me of her. I have seen quite a few places so far and next on the list is Bamberg, a town in Bavaria. I hope to find some tips here, on accommodation and dining. Usually I travel alone, but this time my boyfriend will be coming along so it is important to me that it is all well organised.
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Joined: 21 Mar 2005
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Posted: 06/25/08 - 23:52    Post subject:

I am sure you are not asking for any info on the sights, so I wont give you any either. Please ask if you do need this after all. I do want to tell you Bamberg has its own beer, and if you or your boyfriend are beer lovers then you will more than enjoy it Enough nice restaurants about too, I especially remember many pizza places being of exceptional quality!
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