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Baghvan Taj Hotel question

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Posted: 08/15/08 - 06:51    Post subject:

Can anyone help me to get some more info please? I am doing some research for my parents who are going to India at the end of the year. They are looking into doing some kind of safari, but they also want a nice relaxing hotel with all the modern facilities. I bumped into this hotel called Taj Baghvan resort, and that sounds just like the right thing for them. What do you think? Anyone here with any experiences of this or other Taj hotels who can give me some opinions?
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Posted: 08/25/08 - 03:43    Post subject:

In case you hadnt seen it yet, here is there website -,PENCH20NATIONAL20PARK/default.htm. It is very nice, and although the lodges themselves are equipped with all the modern comforts, as they say, it is a fact that it is in the middle of nowhere. If that is what your parents are after, it sounds just right for them. Its location is also conveniently reachable from the local airport.
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