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Bad experience with Virgin Vacations

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Joined: 21 Jun 2007
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Posted: 02/13/09 - 07:53    Post subject:

Hi, everybody, Id like to share my experience with you. I traveled to Rome with Virgin Vacation and it was terrible. Nothing was as it should have been, starting from the flight which was delayed. First morning we arrived I got food poisoning. Fortunately, I brought some pills which saved me. Weather was bad, so some of the trips were cancelled. Anyway, my friends were full of praise for this company. Still, Im afraid I only had bad luck. Anyone with similar experience?
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Joined: 04 Aug 2005
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Posted: 03/14/09 - 23:56    Post subject:

Definitely you werent lucky. Virgin Vacations is among most famous companies in whole world. I travel with them constantly, every year to different country and I never had problems similar to yours. I also traveled with various companies but when I found Virgin Vacations I was reborn. With them, you can get best value for money. If you go on a vacation, you surely know the date of departure in advance, so you can book much earlier and use their bargains. The whole trip, together with transport could be at ridiculously low price. Im really sorry that everything went bad to you, and I hope that it wont prevent you from using their services in future.
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