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Backpacking Morrocco

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Posted: 08/17/07 - 06:53    Post subject:

I am planning on backpacking toward Morrocco –I am now in Portugal and am hitting the Spain within few days and am about to stay there for a whole week and I thought it would be pity missing to see morocco. Anyway I have got a train ticket from Lisbon to Cordoba tomorrow and in a few days I would be in Malaga and than am reaching Cadiz so do you think it is good starting backpacking in morocco from Cadiz and where to go first ? Thanks!
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Posted: 09/22/07 - 02:34    Post subject:

You have got a perfect plan for I think ferries from Cadiz to Tangier are so frequent I think they goes each hour to Morocco and though I was warned not going there without certain precautions I never had no ugly experience in morocco –I was backpacking in morocco twice so far along with my friend and I assure you there is a lot to see. And as for the transport you don’t have to worry for there are many trains’ connections and where the train is not going you have bus opt and taxi bus like opt but if it is not full you would have to pay for the empty seats also. I suppose you already know that usually backpacking destination in morocco is Casablanca but don’t miss seeing rabat and marrakesh and if you have time enough you may hit to further south and visit agadir and Sidi Ifni –for that is where you would see the beautiful beaches. We had about the same backpacking tour in morocco but eventually we decided visiting the Canary Island for there are also frequent ferry departures toward Tenerife from Safi or Casablanca and yet again there is lot of good and pretty much disposable backpacking hostels all along the Moroccan coast.
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