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Australian destinations – Reviews and experiences

Read reviews from other travelers or share your own experiences about attractions, travel programs and plans from most popular Australian destinations.
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What's climate in Western Australia?  by kikelia 1 96 9 months ago
What is the best beach in Western Australia?  by ethelred 1 929 11 months ago
Best services in Australia!  by deniseadorable 1 4595 over year ago
What to do in Melbourne?  by carling 2 963 over year ago
Australia for the first time  by quinta 2 499 over year ago
Sydney in May  by norton373 2 324 over year ago
Comments and reviews on article "Weather in Melbourne – what to expect during the four seasons?"  by Marilyn 3 772 over year ago
2 weeks in Australia in December  by isa 3 716 over year ago
Winter in North Queensland  by mordecai 2 498 over year ago
Are there any restaurants on Callala Beach in Jervis Bay?  by orlan 3 720 over year ago
Where is Winanjjikari Music Centre?  by winnie1176 4 398 over year ago
Sydney Opera House visit  by louisette 2 383 over year ago
Is Manly Beach family friendly beach?  by morgana 2 349 over year ago
How far is Manly Beach from Sydney?  by boris1491 3 424 over year ago
What is the average temperature in Melbourne?  by rheba 4 2084 over year ago
Melboune, Alice Springs and Ayers Rock Tour help  by abran 1 300 over year ago
Average water temperature on Manly Beach in summer?  by rhett150 1 365 over year ago
Sydney Soho?  by karlyn 1 329 over year ago
Great Barrier Reef & Australia Zoo  by myhatmycoat 1 701 over year ago
Comments and reviews on article "Most beautiful beaches in Central America"  by InFlames20 1 457 over year ago
Is The Serbian Orthodox Church in Coober Pedy in open for visitors?  by ernesto 3 439 over year ago
Want to book The Opal mine tour in Coober Pedy!  by stu1987 3 378 over year ago
Chinese tour guides in Queenstown, NZ?  by tiebold290 2 330 over year ago
Sydney/Adelaide/Port Douglas in December  by jaquelyn 1 293 over year ago
Where is The Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo?  by karmen 3 352 over year ago
Where is located Art Gallery of South Australia?  by averyl 3 358 over year ago
Your favorite wine from the Barossa Valley?  by xaviera 3 316 over year ago
When is possible to take a balloon ride in Alice Springs?  by val1860 3 321 over year ago
What are interesting attractions in Coober Pedy?  by georges1838 3 334 over year ago
Should I visit Old Timer's Museum in Alice Springs?  by remus370 3 321 over year ago
Good restaurant in Coober Pedy?  by hamid 3 367 over year ago
How far is Tennant Creek from Darwin?  by bartolemo 3 310 over year ago
Where I can learn more about learn about Aboriginal life in Tennant Creek?  by bent 3 456 over year ago
Manly Beach, how far from Sydney central?  by eldon 2 434 over year ago
Can’t find Manly Beach on Google Earth  by chrotoem537 2 419 over year ago
Cheap bungalows near Manly Beach  by chic723 2 362 over year ago
Why locals prefer Manly Beach to Bondi Beach  by ravid895 2 564 over year ago
Wedding Plans for Tasmania  by had1187 1 316 over year ago
Scuba diving at Cairns  by zollie 1 336 over year ago
Sydney Smart Travel Card info  by scott1832 1 340 over year ago
Best wineries near Sydney?  by damon 1 380 over year ago
Driving Sydney to Tweed Heads  by hugues1202 1 356 over year ago
How common are sand mites?  by cordy512 1 535 over year ago
No sun while I'm in Sydney  by shanon 1 402 over year ago
sydney in august do i take wollies?  by chalmers 1 422 over year ago
Great time in Tasmania  by harlan 1 437 over year ago
Sydney, Red Center and Cairns visit plan  by morry 1 384 over year ago
Is best shiraz in the world from Barossa Valley?  by giffer 1 421 over year ago
I have heard that there are more than 60 wineries in Barossa Valley  by davey 1 477 over year ago
Bay of Plenty visit  by flemming 1 350 over year ago
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