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Australia for the first time

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Posted: 6/28/08 6:36 AM
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This summer Im going to Australia for the first time. Ive read something about it and I know some general stuff about this beautiful country, but Id like to go there with some more information so that I can be completely prepared. Tell me something about its climate, cuisine, animals and customs. Im just a tad worried since Ive heard about that increasing melanoma rate there. How to protect myself? Thanks.
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Posted: 7/6/08 11:03 PM
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Hey from Jessie the Aussie! Lets start from out climate. It is sizzling hot here during summer, which is, as you know coinciding with winter on the northern hemisphere. This means that youll be visiting Australia during wintertime, when temperatures in certain parts of country vary from 8-16C and many people think its best time to visit Australia. So, you wont have to worry about melanoma protection. Australian cuisine is similar to British, and its main ingredients are various kinds of meat served with vegetables, but of course there are influences of native Australians and that primarily means use of various spices. Instead of Australian customs, heres a curiosity: in Australia soft-drink cans have 375ml instead of customary 330ml.
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Posted: 5/19/10 5:47 AM
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Well, Australia is one of the best and favorite countries of tourist and the sixth biggest country in the globe. It is a ordinary wonderland of beautiful beaches, gemstone blue waters, incredible antique rock formations and ideal rainforests. There are some of the best places which are listed below:
• Fraser Islan
• Daintree Rain Forest and Cape Tribulation
• Kakadu National Park
• Uluru
• Tasmania
• Sydney
• Brisbane
• Melbourne
If you visit there I hope you will truly enjoy your vacation.
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