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Assisi hotels needed

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Posted: 06/28/08 - 05:46    Post subject:

I am participating in a piano competition taking place in Rome. However, I am invited to play for the Assisi public a day before the competition. So, I urgently need some descent hotel in Assisi where I should spend a night before the competition in Rome. I want to be alone, to be able to relax and sleep and I would like a hotel with a room service because I prefer eating in room.
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Posted: 07/21/08 - 02:26    Post subject:

You wont have any problems finding a good hotel in Assisi that will meet your needs. I think that you can find a room on your arrival to Assisi, but if you want to be sure that you wouldnt have to roam around, you should make your reservation by phone or even try to do it online. There are some very nice hotels in Assisi. If you look for the cheaper ones, you should call Hotel Properzio or Hotel Puorta Nuova. If you look for a four-star hotel, you should call Hotel Dal MoroGallery. Undoubtedly, each of these hotels will provide the service you need. Also, I think that the food there is superb.
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