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Asian destinations – Reviews and experiences

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Is camping illegal in Petra, Jordan?  by lorraine 1 18 2 days ago
What do I need to know about Sri Lanka before I go?  by ellyn 1 9 3 days ago
Can you smoke at public places in Thailand?  by roderich1247 1 19 4 days ago
Flying to Maldives  by terrence1083 4 619 7 months ago
Which destination would you keep coming back?  by Born To Die 0 330 over year ago
F1 Weekend in Singapore!  by mwwyong 0 169 over year ago
September Traveling in Singapore  by mwwyong 0 180 over year ago
Traveling to Shanghai  by philippa 3 319 over year ago
Phuket, Thailand  by misty 3 378 over year ago
4th July Independence Day. Need suggestion  by Born To Die 1 141 over year ago
Best snorkeling in Thailand  by abagael 3 285 over year ago
China - Which city for one week  by andrea894 4 344 over year ago
Fun in Thailand?  by malachi60 2 189 over year ago
Beautiful beaches in Phillipines  by clevie 2 182 over year ago
Which beach in Thailand?  by nap429 2 203 over year ago
I hope I will have fun in Bangkok  by rustie831 4 335 over year ago
3 weeks in Bali  by janella 2 220 over year ago
India in November  by lissie 2 188 over year ago
Guide in Bangkok  by fenelia 2 164 over year ago
Basic Nepal questions  by allegra 2 181 over year ago
Is Murree too far from Islamabad?  by cordy1875 3 185 over year ago
Comments and reviews on article "Best beaches in the Philippines in Manila region"  by BeenAfewPlaces 1 147 over year ago
Question about the food in Vietnam  by ahmed1139 2 270 over year ago
Bali family vacation  by danette 2 208 over year ago
Comments and reviews on article "Places To Stay In Cambodia"  by Jen 1 494 over year ago
Bhutan weather in november  by sherwynd237 2 525 over year ago
Where to buy nice jewelry in Murree, Pakistan?  by clarice 3 290 over year ago
What is nightlife in Islamabad for tourists?  by owen769 3 254 over year ago
Is fishing allowed for tourist in Otaru?  by brenda 3 267 over year ago
Any nice and cheap restaurant in Jiufen?  by mechelle 3 229 over year ago
Best time to see Himalaya  by ezekiel 3 289 over year ago
Any recommended homestay with nice seaview at Jiufen/ Jioufe  by Born To Die 0 425 over year ago
Must-eat in Hong Kong? A ravenous traveler inquires.  by Born To Die 0 375 over year ago
Where can you eat cheap in HKG?  by reid541 2 247 over year ago
Best time to go to japan?  by Born To Die 0 358 over year ago
When is the biggest religious festival in Jakar, Bhutan?  by moyra 3 304 over year ago
Can you smoke in HK bars?  by clive516 2 193 over year ago
Are there many tourists in Asahikawa?  by annamaria 3 412 over year ago
Does an American in HKG needs visa for China?  by keven123 2 352 over year ago
A scant day in Bombay  by mendy961 2 204 over year ago
Where do I find lower fares to Hong Kong ?  by farand 1 244 over year ago
India and Sri Lanka or India and Bhutan  by ainslee 1 275 over year ago
Hong Kong Purchases  by alexi 1 163 over year ago
hanoi and luang prabang visit  by cristal 1 162 over year ago
Average temperature in Asahikawa in winter?  by alyda 2 165 over year ago
Where is the main bazaar in Jakar?  by olav1718 2 187 over year ago
Can I drink tap water in Islamabad?  by glen1524 2 171 over year ago
Do I need a permission to visit tomb of Mary, mother of Jesus, in Murree?  by seamus611 2 175 over year ago
Weekend in Seoul  by bradly676 1 182 over year ago
Only 12 hours in Tokyo  by damon833 1 159 over year ago
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