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Are train ticket prices seasonal?

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Posted: 05/30/08 - 07:41    Post subject:

Hi there. I am currently with my friends in Thessalonica. We intend to travel to Sofia by train. Weve never been to Bulgaria and we are interested to see how this country looks like. Especially since they joined European Union. Are the tickets expensive? Are the prices seasonal? Thanks for your answers in advance.
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Posted: 06/19/08 - 02:36    Post subject:

Hello. Once I took a train from Thessalonica to Sofia. It wasnt expensive. It was about 15 euros if my memory serves me well. The train wasnt full with passengers, so you dont need to book tickets in advance. Youll get them when you reach the station. Im not sure if the train ticket prices are seasonal. I only traveled that relation that time, I think it was May. But I havent got experience in other months, so I could compare it with each other and come to some conclusion. I hope youll have a safe trip as I did. Cheers!
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