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Are there private tours options in Prado museum?

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Posted: 03/07/08 - 06:44    Post subject:

I am visiting Madrid with a friend next month, we arranged most of the trip, lodging. I found all of the information on the internet, I hope there will be no problem. Of course, a few tips could help us, like are there private tours options in Prado museum? We most definitely want to see all the masterpieces but since we are not on a guided tour, is there any chance to find some on the spot of the place? Any advice on this matter is valuable, thanks in advance.

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Posted: 03/20/08 - 03:59    Post subject:

Last year we went to Madrid and the Prada museum was the main cause of it. All I can say is amazing! Seeing so many masterpieces at once is a trill I’ll always cherish. Goya, Velazquez, El Greco, Rubens and Titian, you just can’t choose among them.
Anyway, private tour is not a problem at all, however that’s the best way to see it. There you can find a professional guide in your language that will guide you through, telling you the historical facts, biography details, even some interesting anecdotes about the artist and his work. Of course there is some guided tour that will take you to the Royal Palace as well, and together they last about four hours. But remember you just can’t make it to see it all in just one visit to Prado, maybe it’s best to choose just favorite art periods and artists.
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