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Are there many tourist in Iznik?

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Posted: 05/05/08 - 10:24    Post subject:

Are there many tourists in Iznik? I just don’t like crowded places and I avoid them as much as possible but this year my boyfriend wants us to go to Turkey so that he can see some remains and archeological sites because he is a student of archeology I’ll accompany him. I remember that whenever I watched something form Turkey, there were numerous people in the streets and there were those bazaars everywhere.
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Posted: 06/04/08 - 02:56    Post subject:

I think that you are overreacting. I also don’t like crowds but it is not like there are no crowds in your hometown. It is normal for a tourist destination to be full of people and those bazaars you mention are part of lifestyle and many people actually like this. Izmir is famous as a city where you can find innumerable archeological sited so I guess that you will spend most time visiting museums and all the other spots where you can see the remains. I highly doubt that you will encounter too many people in a museum or that a place of archeological excavations will be full of noisy and boisterous people. So, just relax and don’t have a negative way of thinking.
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