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Are there happy hours on cruise ships?

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Joined: 18 Mar 2004
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Posted: 08/19/07 - 04:36    Post subject:

My wife would like go cruising this summer and I am not that thrilled to be honest but I better make her wish come true otherwise she would be insulted alike all the year around.
Anyway I plan on booking some Caribbean cruising these days and I keep asking myself what would I be doing there on board I mean are there happy hours on cruise ships at all?
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Joined: 25 Apr 2004
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Posted: 08/22/07 - 23:17    Post subject:

What a negative cruising approach! You better change it otherwise you wont find cruising interesting which it is in base. Anyway there are plenty of things you could enjoy only if you wish feeling that way. You may swim in those pools on decks and you may enjoy those nights parties which I love. And if you ask me the most happy hours on those ships are at these organized entertainment parties and I advice you book a ship that organizes these Toga parties on board I love them and am sure they would make you happy also. Anyway there are not much cruise ships that provide parties like this and one of them is Costa Mediterranea which offers also different types of Caribbean cruising trips.
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