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Are there cultural differences between East and West Germany?

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Posted: 07/23/07 - 10:34    Post subject:

I recently learned in school about the Germany divided on the East and West, the criteria being ideology. I have also learned that some twenty years ago it was unified again. Now, I would like to know whether there still are cultural differences between East and West Germany, or the unification leveled all the differences?
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Posted: 07/29/07 - 23:58    Post subject:

There certainly are cultural differences. Berlin and Germany are definitely developing unified, but not as fast as everyone hoped for. Many people in former West Berlin feel they gave a lot of money to people who wouldn't work with enough effort, therefore the East appears to them as a money swallowing bottomless pit. The truth is that many people in former East Berlin needed some time to adapt to West German way of life. You must know is that people in East Germany does not want to become like their fellow West Germans, but simply to have the same rights and opportunities, also keeping their identity. Also, there are problems with dialects (people from Munich and Kiel barely understand each other), different religions, and different socio-economic thinking (West Germany was capitalist, East Germany communist state).
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Born To Die

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Posted: 08/10/09 - 06:22    Post subject:

Differences between Eastern and Western culture

Blue --> Westerner
Red --> Asian


Way of Life



Queue when Waiting


In the restaurant

Handling of Problems

The Boss

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