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Are there cheap restaurants in Toyko?

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Posted: 11/03/08 - 08:21    Post subject:

I am going to visit Tokyo to meet a friend of mine this year. She was an exchange student three years ago and she stayed at my house for a while. I have really come to love her, and I have saved up to go and see her. But I know that Tokyo is a very, very expensive place. I dont have that much money and I would like to know whether it has any cheap restaurants at all?
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Posted: 11/26/08 - 02:15    Post subject:

Hi. Not to worry, Tokyo actually has more cheap restaurants then you could wish for. There are noodle bars on every street corner and in this country where people work around the clock, and people do not have much time, fast food has become an important part of the culture. Prices are similar to those in European fast food places.
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Born To Die

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Posted: 10/28/09 - 07:31    Post subject:

One of my favorite ramen shops happens to be in Ebisu -- take the moving belt to the station, walk straight ahead to the long escalator and go down to the other side. You will see a Wendy's across the street to the right when you come out. Continue up that wide street on the same side as Wendy's and soon you will come to "Kazuki ramen" -- pork ramen (in a pinch they will understand you if you say "porku ramen") is a bit more expensive here than other ramen shops, like Y950, but very good. If you like garlic, there's big bins of it along the counter to add to the ramen.

Another cheap thing to do is to hit the food mall in the basement of the department store across the street from the Westin in Ebisu garden place, beginning an hour or so before closing time. Many stalls will have marked down what's left at that time, and there still will be a fine selection to take back to your room to eat for dinner.

Do you know that if you turn right in the small street next to the Wendy's you will come to the Roob 6 building about 2 blocks down on the left? On the 4th floor is "What the Dickens," a pseudo-pub that is popular with both foreigners and Japanese. It is open with live music every night but Monday and there is no door charge or minimum -- if you want to save money you can buy a small beer for Y500 and drink it slowly while listening or dancing for hours.
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