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Are there any spoecific family restaurants in San Diego?

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Posted: 5/24/09 4:53 AM
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Hello! I was wondering for a long time, is there a family restaurant in San Diego? But, not just a family restaurant, because Im so tired of those pizza and burger offers. Id like to show my children that there are different tastes and healthy food all around the world. And I wouldnt like to spend a fortune for a meal. Can someone help me?
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Posted: 6/22/09 5:31 PM
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Hi! Of course there are a lot family restaurants there. You should try a Marrakesh-la Jolla or French Gourmet. I believe, youll find interesting Creative Food &Beverage. I know how difficult it can be dining with children, but try to take them to Korean or Japanese restaurant. Theyll be thrilled to watch how the meal is prepared. And most of all, theyll start to prepare meals at home. You can never go wrong with Asian kitchen. Its full of fresh vegetables and healthy spaces. Without fat and without sugar. Tasty, light and full of energy.
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Posted: 9/9/09 12:43 AM
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The Mission on Mission Blvd got my business every day I was in San Diego. Most excellent food! I couldn't recommend it highly enough for the food. The decor is on the homey side.

Nothing fancy. But the food got my money every day I was there on numerous trips.
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