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Are there any good restaurants near The Prince of Wales Theater?

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Posted: 08/13/07 - 08:31    Post subject:

Hi, I intended to see a musical play at The Prince of Wales Theater and afterwards I'm planning on dinning out at a restaurant along with my girlfriend who is vegetarian. I'm curious if there are any good restaurants that can be found near the Theatre that can offer lovely atmosphere, preferably romantic, altogether accompanied with new kinds of tastes and delicacies?
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Joined: 20 Mar 2004
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Posted: 08/20/07 - 02:54    Post subject:

Hi, there are really all sorts of restaurants near The Prince of Wales Theater that I could recommend. Depending on you personal taste and specifications you've mentioned I could point out the following restaurants.
The "Woodlands" is a great place where you could try out the kind of food that could surely offer you a new taste of the orient and a pleasant and mystic atmosphere. However you should be prepared to pay a little bit more and of course don't forget to tip. Another one is an African restaurant, the "Saharaween" that has varieties of yet unexplored tastes for you to experience along with a fantastic and warm atmosphere. It offers some of the best dishes I've ever eaten in a long time. Both of these restaurant have dishes for vegetarians. Their cuisine is a custom to strictly vegetable based meals. You will certainly enjoy yourselves.
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