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Are there any good restauranta around Chicago Ford Theatre?

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Posted: 08/15/08 - 10:08    Post subject:

I have to go to a Ford Centre of a Chicago Oriental Theatre. I am invited by some people from the theatre to compose music for a musical that will debut on the stage of this theatre. When I asked them why it is called Oriental Theatre, they told me that the interior of the Centre is decorated in an Indian style. I sincerely hope that the restaurants, if there are any at Chicago Ford Theatre, have nothing to do with the oriental.
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Posted: 08/28/08 - 22:52    Post subject:

There are many restaurants near the Ford Centre in Chicago. Not only those who are employed in the Centre, but also people coming to watch the movies and shows like to have lunch or dinner in some of these restaurants. If you like the specialties of the domestic cuisine go to South Water Kitchen. If you like fish and other seafood, you can visit Catch 35. The best wine is served at Rhapsody. Rhapsody serves the mixture of European and American food. If you like Italian food, you should go to Trattoria No 10 and try ravioli served with lobster. These are very pleasant places where you do not have to dine, but also to enjoy a morning coffee with your friends.
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