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Are there any decent budget hotels for family of 5?

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Posted: 03/15/08 - 08:07    Post subject:

We are a standard middle class English family with a little bit nonstandard family size. There are five of us, and we wish to go to summer holiday, on the see side, some where in Europe. Of course we have a strict budget so everything fancy, all inclusive and superior is out of question. We enjoy the beech, nice small mediterranean towns, great see food and vine. Can you recommend some decent budget hotels that can provide us something like this?

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Posted: 03/19/08 - 22:14    Post subject:

Every year we spend our summer holidays on Greek islands. We are four member family, with two kids, so I understand your consideration about budget. Last year we have been on Corfu island. We found there some very nice accommodation in a studio of the budget hotel, near the beach, with a terrace and pull in the garden. The children loved it, every thing was really clean and comfortable. The price was very acceptable. Corfu is a beautiful green place so I strongly recommend it to you.
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