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Are laptops more affordable in Japan?

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Posted: 08/18/08 - 04:23    Post subject:

I have a question. Im supposed to buy a laptop and I have a cousin who travels to Japan next month. Since Japan is one of the most advanced countries when it comes to technology Im wondering whether laptops are more affordable there. Maybe the models which are outdated there (and are regarded to be state-of-the-art in other countries) are cheap. Should I tell him to buy me a laptop in Japan?
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Posted: 09/17/08 - 03:23    Post subject:

Well, he can try to find you a good laptop for less money but there are certain problems. First of all, when it comes to these new technologies they simply stop manufacturing outdated models and I dont know if there can be found a less advanced model. The other problem can be the language because I think that laptops for Japanese market have their characters on the keyboard. And finally, I dont know anything about their voltage and electricity in general, so he should check out if these parameters are compatible with the ones in your country. Otherwise, I think its a good idea because there are certainly better laptops and I suppose that for Japanese market components are both produced and assembled in Japan, unlike the ones for other markets where components are manufactured in China or Taiwan.
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